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Every good breeder has to "start" somewhere and here at Chocolate Merle Great Danes, aka Kiss My Cocoa, we are working hard to continue to improve our chocolates by bringing in Euro lines to our breeding program  in order to produce larger boned puppies, increase the body width and height as well as produce nice Euro type heads with great jowls.  In short, we strive to continually improve the overall conformation of the chocolate Dane and to produce it consistently so that one day this beautiful color will be recognized as a breed standard color....  just as the mantle and harlequin were.

I'm criticized for referring to the Danes we breed as "Designer" Danes.  I'd like to make it clear I prefer to call them this rather than "off" colored Danes.  You see, I am specifically breeding for the chocolates so, they are being produced "by design" and not accident, therefore, as far as I'm concerned they are Designer Danes!

Some breeders and show people are spreading rumors about us and our Danes.  All I have to say is ask them for proof of what they are saying and then pass that info on to me so I can tell you why it's false. 

Those telling the lies are wagging their tongues behind closed forums of which I'm not allowed to join to defend myself and my Danes.  You see, these "ethical" groups have banned my I.P. address.  Now my first thought is if they were telling the truth, then why won't they let me see what they are writing about me??  ...and anyone reading their garbage should wonder the same.

My proof of producing healthy puppies is published on our web site for all the world to see with all the wonderful reviews by our customers as well as repeat business, referrals from customers and verification from our vets that our Danes and their puppies are in fact healthy and great in every way!


"God blessed the winding road that led me straight to my chocolate Danes."



Chocolate Danes can be Service & Therapy K-9.
Chocolate Danes can compete in AKC Agility, Rally and Obedience
and other registries' Conformation classes.
Chocolate Great Danes are loving, beautiful, healthy and make wonderful companions.

A chocolate Dane will have a brown nose.
The chocolate Dane has been around since the mid 1960's.
A Dane can be a recessive chocolate and show no outwards signs of carrying the chocolate gene.
There is a
DNA test to check you Dane for the chocolate gene or you can research your Dane's pedigree,
however, I prefer the DNA test because some breeders mis-registered their chocolates as black!
There is also a
DNA test to verify the breed of your dog!
Chocolate Diamond Danes' goal is to breed chocolate Dane to chocolate Dane thus ending up with pure chocolate lines.
Chocolate Danes can be solid chocolate, chocolate harlequin aka choclequin, chocolate merle and even chocolate brindle.

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Show people would like the general public to think Chocolate Danes are the "current fad" with those of us breeding for them or that they have major health issues.  However, the truth is they have been around since the mid-60's and I am yet to find any written documentation they have any kind of health issue more so than any "standard" color.  I can honestly and proudly say I've had no health issues of any kind with any of my chocolates.

There was...an English champion, Ch. Orus of Lockerbie. His color was brindle-harlequin...but there's no mention as to what color the stripes were! Ch. Orus was used for breeding, and so was his brindle sister, Pandora, who is behind some top English dogs."  If you research the Great Dane you will find the original description of the breed (5th paragraph) allowed for various colors, plus brindles and patched Danes in all possible combinations!!

Even more recently a Champion-sired "chocolate" striped Great Dane, Butterscotch, was shown in California (in the early 1970s). Her sire was CH Bartholomew von Overcup.

Below are pictures of Butterscotch, with a chocolate nose, shown in 1971 in which her picture is in Dane International, July/Aug. 1971 issue. It was Isabel Karkau and Jane Chopson who acquired her and showed her.  She was eventually disqualified by then-president of the GDCA Rose Sabett for not having the black nose required for a "standard" brindle.  After she disqualified her it is said Sally Haas protested that her own blue in the open blue class did not have a black nose. After this incident the Standard was changed to describe disqualified colors. However, I'd like to mention that a chocolate brindle is suppose to have a chocolate nose so, Butterscotch was marked correctly for the color she was. 

At least her owner was able back then to show for a short time what was a truly beautiful dog.  Before this time most chocolates never saw the light of day, instead put down by going for a swim in a pail of water or getting a bonk to the head and pretended they didn't exist.  It is said Butterscotch had a 10-generation correctly marked fawn-to-brindle pedigree including correctly marked parents, but since this color is a combination of recessives, both her parents had to be carriers.

Her record:  4 Fun Matches, One Best Puppy, Three Firsts, Two Sanctioned Matches, One Best Adult, One Best of Breed, 5 AKC point shows...One first, One second, One third, One fourth... and then the One no placement.


Jane wrote an article to answer all the critics of her showing Butterscotch, one part that was very impressive was... "It should also be remembered that the appearance of this color is the fault of no one.  It has probably been carried in the breed from it's inception.  Fault does lie in hysterical reaction and in concealing the presence of this gene from buyers and breeders."

Which brings me to the point that I'm often asked how I have the colors I do because it would be genetically impossible to come up with some of the colors I have (or anyone else) based on the information on their pedigree.  Well, it's an unspoken tradition that breed standard/show breeders register their "off" colored puppies (those they allow to live) under the wrong color because they don't want others knowing their breed standard dogs are producing off colors. 

Chocolates were/are registered incorrectly as blacks, dilute chocolate as blue, chocolate fawns and blue fawns as fawns, chocolate brindles as brindles, fawnequins, brindlequins and porcelains as harlequins, etc.   However, thanks to AKC & CKC recognizing these off colors and assigning specific codes to most of them and to breeders like me who are correctly registering a puppy by it's true color, those of us breeding for designer Danes will start having accurate (color) pedigrees and one day have color pure lines of chocolate Danes!  Check out the detailed color chart I started in the early 2000's before I ever started breeding Danes because I was so drawn to the breed and is still a work in progress.

It is a known fact, even with the show people, a dog is pure colour bred if it is "clean" of other colours in the pedigree for 5 generations and that is exactly what the goal of our breeding program is.  Let's not forget that the mantle and harlequin were not always "accepted"  breed standard colors. Mantles were added in the late 90's because of their importance in a harlequin breeding program. They are a great breeding partner to harlequins as they won't produce any double merle puppies and they have the same pattern as desired in a show marked harlequin.

The ironic thing is many show people have admitted the designer colors are beautiful, they just would never breed for them.   I've seen this statement time and again posted on the internet, and some of them actually own one or want to own one.  However, they need to remember the conformation of an off colored Dane only gets better if people like me choose to work on it so that hopefully one day it  too (chocolate) will be a "standard" color.

From looking at the pictures above, I'd say designer Danes do have good conformation and size so, I guess they can not compete in AKC conformation classes simply because of their color!  Well, at least other registries have pulled their heads out of the sand and allow these beautiful colors to compete and recognize these Danes for the beautiful creatures they truly are.



Our Danes come in your favorite flavor too!

Don't be fooled by artificial chocolate, we have the real deal!


  Chocolate Merle Great Danes aka Kiss My Cocoa